Technical Research Report

The Effect of Water Absorption During Deep Ocean Submersion on the Mechanical Properties of Engineering Plastics and Composites – an Experimental Investigation

Deep Ocean CoverEngineering plastics and composites are being used for an increasingly wide range of deep-ocean devices including remotely-operated underwater vehicles, marine-grade electrical cable connectors, and undersea sensors.

This investigation immersed samples of 20 engineering plastics and composites in pressurized artificial seawater using laboratory pressure vessels, simulating the hydrostatic pressure associated with an ocean depth of 3500 meters.

In this technical research report you will find:

  • Benefits of semi-crystalline thermoplastics and composites for marine applications
  • Thermoplastic material results with water absorption
    and mechanical properties as a function of immersion time
  • The effects of hydrostatic pressure on dimensional and mechanical properties
  • Discussion about thermoplastics and composites with relatively high water absorption
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